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Consultation regarding reduction in Admission Numbers



Consultation on a proposed reduction in the published admission numbers (PAN) with effect from September 2020


The current published admission number (PAN) for St Andrew’s School is 45. This means the number of children admitted into reception each year is a maximum of 45.


The Local Authority, who are the Admissions Authority for the school, were asked by the school to consider a reduction in their PAN. With the agreement of both organisations, the LA is proposing to reduce the admission number from 45 to 30 places in reception from 2020. This means that from September 2020 onwards there will be 30 places pupils entering the school in the reception age-range.



Despite increases in the local housing stock, the predicted numbers of reception children currently in the school’s catchment area has been falling. The predicted numbers are calculated by North Somerset Council. Nationally, birth rates are also falling. The current reception intake for this academic year was 24.


Reducing the PAN to 30 will allow the school to plan ahead with more certainty both in terms of staffing levels and the school budget while at the same time ensuring, as far as possible, that all pupils in the Congresbury and wider school area can be offered a school place at their local school. This has always been in the forefront of Local Authority and Governor thinking.


Keeping a PAN of 45 leaves the school open to potentially having to take a small number of children over infant class limits causing uneconomic class sizes. It is a legal requirement that reception year and Key Stage 1 class sizes have no more than 30 pupils per qualified teacher.


The Admissions Authority will retain some discretion in Key Stage 2 regarding class sizes and in-year additional admissions. The Local Authority and school will also keep admission numbers under regular review. Where applications regularly exceed the PAN in the future, an increase in PAN will then be considered.


How to Respond

The consultation opened on 19th November 2018 and will run until 11th January 2019. You are invited to submit comments to the consultation which is available via the link below.


You may also submit responses in writing to:

School Admissions Officers

School Admissions Team

Town Hall

Walliscote Grove Road


BS23 1UJ


Or alternatively you can e-mail comments to: