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Our Trip to the Butterfly House

On Tuesday KS1 were lucky enough to take a trip to the local butterfly house. On our walk there we stopped at the bridge to wave to the Elvers that we released into the river before half term. 

When we got to the butterfly house we listened to Pete who told us some interesting facts about the butterfly life cycle. We were able to answer lots of his questions as we have been learning about life cycles this term. 

We really enjoyed walking around the butterfly house looking out for eggs, chrysalis and butterflies. They were all different colours and I think everyone agreed that the gold chrysalis was amazing! 

Can you spot the tiny egg?

This is the gold chrysalis that we loved

We even saw some terrapin turtles.

Back at school we wrote all about what we had seen at the butterfly house and used lots of great adjectives to make our writing really interesting to read.