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St Andrew's Primary School Growing Together

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St Andrew's Primary School Growing Together


Welcome to Owl Class!


We are a year 4/5 class.

Our teachers are Miss Booth (Monday, Tuesday, alternate Wednesdays) and Mrs Harris (alternate Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays).


Mr Smith and Mrs Lake also work with us.


Term 3/4 'Let there be Light'


We will be exploring our amazing universe this term, considering where it came from and the many ways in which it is incredible.


Here is our topic map for this term as we investigate

'How did our universe become so amazing?'



We had a fabulous creative time on our project launch day last week, exploring art work by the artist Kate Neal and enjoying creating two pieces of art of our own using pastels and paints.




Heritage Hunters

Children will be developing their knowledge of local chronology via a range of practical visits and the study of existing historical sources.



We launched our project with an evidence seeking walk around Congresbury, during which we found out lots of interesting facts about many old and interesting locations in our village!




Clay faces created in the style of the faces of St Andrew's church

Parent Meeting 2018

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