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PE and Sport Premium

PE and Sport Premium Grant

The Government announced, through its commitment to sport, healthy lifestyle and community enrichment, their intention to spend over £450 million on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools initially over the 3 academic years: 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16. This grant was extended to cover the 2016-17 academic year.

The PE and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils. Schools are free to choose the best way to spend the money.

PE and Sport Premium 2016-17 academic year: £9,087
PE and Sport Premium 2015-16 academic year: £9,071
PE and Sport Premium 2014-15 academic year: £9,080
PE and Sport Premium 2013-14 academic year: £8,980

Please see the attached reports which show how St Andrew's spent the grant over the last 3 academic years and the impact this has had within our school. The 2016-17 academic year update is below with the full report to be uploaded in Autumn 2017 following final analysis.

2016-17 Academic Year Provision Update
Following on from provisions set into place with the 2015-16 PE and Sport Premium Grant, we have continued to use the grant to build upon existing initiatives and introduce new activities. There is significant impact within the school and the quality of experience and participation is high. Some monies were carried over from the 2015-16 year due to the availability of some provision and best fit into the school timetable and also due to timely research into appropriate resources and activities.
After measuring the impact from 2015-2016, we set our aims for 2016-2017 Academic Year as:


  • To raise the profile of PE and sport within the school by employing a Sports Champion to support the PE Co-ordinator and Senior Leadership Team in engaging all children in Primary Sport.


               *Update as of April 2017: so far to date, the Sports Champion has introduced and led 4 after school sports clubs (tag rugby, football and volleyball), 2 lunchtime sports clubs (football, hockey) and a lunchtime football tournament within school. At least 16 and on average 20 pupils attended each session. 


  • To raise the profile of PE and sport within the school by introducing a sports afternoon on a Monday afternoon.


               *Update as of April 2017: so far to date, 4 out of 9 classes participate in an organised sport activity on Monday afternoons – gymnastics supported by Gemini Gym, Healthy Living lessons with Sports Active Seagulls Community Trust and swimming lessons at Backwell Leisure Centre.


  • To invest further in playtime and lunchtime resources to increase participation and access to a range of sports activities for all children.


               *Update as of April 2017: so far to date, further funding has been spent on playtime and lunchtime resources. Continued from 2015-2016, PEP club runs at lunchtime five days a week and other sports clubs run by the Sports Champion and Sports Active Seagulls Community Trust run three days a week. 


  • To develop a robust evaluation system to measure the impact that the premium is having on improving PE and sports provision.


               *Update as of April 2017: to develop further the school’s evaluation system from 2015-2016, staff are now using SIMS to input data allowing for a more robust and thorough measurement of the impact.


  • Using this system, to identify ‘non-participants’ in extra-curricular sport and provide additional activities to encourage their immediate and longer-term participation in sport and physical activity.


              *Update as of April 2017: staff have been provided with a list of ‘non-participants’ in their class to encourage and support participation. As part of our pupil perception questionnaires, these children were also asked for activities they would like to see in school and where possible, these have been introduced, e.g. volleyball.


  • To work with parents/carers and children to promote the health and well-being of all pupils through ‘Healthy Living’ sessions and the introduction of the ‘Morning Mile’.


               *Update as of April 2017: since October 2016 parents/carers have been invited to support children running the ‘Morning Mile’ from 8.40am 4 days a week. The school arranged for a local magazine to write an article about the aims and intended outcomes of this school initiative to communicate with parents/carers and the wider community. 


                *Update as of April 2017: an information leaflet is currently being developed by the PE Co-ordinator and Sports Active Seagulls Community Trust to communicate with parents/carers the aims and intended outcomes of ‘Healthy Living’ lessons in school and ways to support the children’s learning, health and well-being at home.


  • To provide further CPD for staff to develop their confidence in teaching a range of PE skills, including gymnastics, swimming, athletics, multiskills and healthy living.


                *Update as of April 2017:


                                 -Currently 2/3 of the way through CPD sessions with Gemini Gym and Sports Active Seagulls Community Trust, supporting gymnastics, healthy living and multi-skills activities for all classes. Full evaluation of the impact of this will be reported at the end of the year.


                                 -School investment in ASA Swimming Charter to develop a robust swimming system, providing teaching, learning and assessment resources. This, together with school teachers shadowing qualified swimming instructors, aims to increase staff confidence, knowledge and skills in teaching swimming. Full evaluation of the impact of this will be reported at the end of the year and reviewed in 2017-2018.

Full details of how we have worked towards and achieved these targets, along with their impact, will be set out in our report coming soon.