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St Andrew's Primary School Growing Together

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St Andrew's Primary School Growing Together

School Values

Ethos Statement and Values


Our vision is to create an innovative and flexible school that can confidently meet the needs of our ever changing and diverse communities. We will achieve this through the inspiration of children in God's world. In doing so we aim to take risks, to enable learning to be active and based through enquiry. In following this vision we will foster enjoyment, set high expectations and standards and through working together we will truly grow together.


The attached documents are extracts from the school's Ethos Document and state what this means, how it is demonstrated and how it is incorporated in the daily life of the school. The Ethos Document is reviewed through an Ethos committee with amendments and recommendations made for incorporation in the School Development Plan

To view the full Ethos Document please ask at the school office.


Term 1 2018-2019  Truthfulness


This term we have been learning about the Christian value of truthfulness. We have explored why it is important to tell the truth and times when this can be tricky! We heard Bible stories about truth and deception and learned that Jesus always told the truth. We thought about what it means to be 'searching' and 'fighting' for the truth.





Term 3 2018/2019 TRUST

This term we are learning all about the Christian value of trust. We explore promises God made in the Bible and how they can help people with their worries. We identify who we trust in our lives, and how we can be trustworthy friends to others.