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St Andrew's Primary School Growing Together


Welcome from the Headteacher

We are the village Church of England Primary School. We pride ourselves upon the fact that we cater for a wide and varying community and that we always aim to improve our standards.
Last year a new curriculum was introduced to all schools in this country and we set about raising the expectations for all by striving to meet these new requirements.
We have planned, for all of our classes, a curriculum that is exciting and based in the real world. You will find all of our teachers planning “wow” days or inviting an expert into the school to fire imaginations within projects and to deepen the experiences our children understand.
We have been working with a developmental group within North Somerset looking at how schools can offer deeper experiences and organize themselves creatively to maximize understanding. This has been called Learning Without Limits and follows some of the early findings of the University of Cambridge School of Education research study 1999 and subsequent writings of Dame Alison Peacock.
Typically you will find our teachers setting tasks or challenges that enable children to make choices in their learning and not to be constrained by ability grouping. If they have chosen a task that is too easy and does not engage them they can change it for a more challenging task.
Everyone is expected to move forward and learn.
Children work together to solve problems then to provide critical feedback for each other in order to enhance the learning experiences for all; to trust one another and work as a team enabling everyone to succeed. You will often hear our classes referred to as “Crew”, as in crew on a ship, that enable the voyage to take place.
All of this work is unpredictable. It involves taking risks, with our teachers expecting young children to surprise them and to then provide activities that create the conditions in which surprises are more likely to happen.
Such an approach has been very successful for our school. Our learning has been steadily improving over the past three years and this year our combined results were above National Expectations even though the testing regime became more challenging.
As an organization we operate an open door policy and endeavour to meet with our parents at short notice to resolve any issues you may have or address any concerns that may have arisen.  A phone call to the office or call in at the end of the day is all that is required.
We see a true partnership between home and school as the finest ingredient we can add to the school mix and welcome you to join us on the voyage of discovery that your children will experience over the next few years.
Welcome aboard  
Neil Tuttiett.