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Welcome to Woodpecker Class!

Welcome to Woodpecker Class! 1

We have had a wonderful first term! Our learning theme, Where in the World are we?, has been exciting so far. We have taken a flight and learnt about what Mrs Harding does in her job as a flight attendant! We are learning about the continents and oceans, and are also thinking about the United Kingdom. If you have anything at home that might be useful for our project, please bring it in!


Thank you to all at home for supporting children so far this year with their reading and learning in and out of school.


Our first term ended with a dance performance to Jays and Kingfishers. Our dance had elements from around the world. The children were very proud of themselves and they did brilliantly! We have recorded a video for you to see and are going to organise a showing very soon as the file is too large for the website! Here are some pictures from the performance...



Picture 1
Picture 2


We had a great morning last week with Liz from Lower Stock Farm who came in to talk to us about maps, symbols and using compasses! We learnt about maps and used our knowledge to help spot rivers, forests and symbols for churches around Congresbury. Liz then showed us how to use a compass and find out which way is north! We practised using these outside and played a game of finding North, East, South and West. Ask the children to talk to you about what happens when the direction points between our four compass points...

Practising our skills!

Practising our skills! 1
Practising our skills! 2
Practising our skills! 3
Practising our skills! 4
Practising our skills! 5
Practising our skills! 6
Practising our skills! 7

Children In Need and Anti-Bullying Day 18.11.17


We had a lot of fun celebrating friendship today whilst thinking about children who might not be as fortunate as we are. The children made a fantastic effort with their spotty outfits and odd socks! Some children found spotty things at home, others made their outfits! Thank you to parents/carers for supporting these good causes and helping the children to come in dressed for the occasion!


In the afternoon, we talked about bullying and what we can do if we need help. The children also discussed friendship and how to be a good friend. We worked together to make friendship bracelets for each other as a symbol of this friendship. It was a lovely afternoon and the children really enjoyed themselves - there were lots of smiles! Our photographer for the afternoon, Riley L, managed to capture many of these in the photos below!  

The Christmas Experience 5.12.17


We loved our morning visiting church to find out more about the Christmas story. We met a shepherd, an inn keeper and some Kings who all told us part of the story. The shepherd even had a REAL sheep (well, sort of...). We talked about the gifts given to the baby Jesus and the children thought of things they could offer. There were some very thoughtful responses. At the end, the children were lucky enough to receive a candy cane and poem as a gift from the church.  Ask your children why they were given the candy cane and what they wrote as their gift to Jesus - I'm sure they'd love to tell you!


Thank you to everyone at the church who helped to organise a lovely experience for the children. smiley

What gift would you offer?

What gift would you offer? 1
What gift would you offer? 2
What gift would you offer? 3
What gift would you offer? 4
What gift would you offer? 5
What gift would you offer? 6
What gift would you offer? 7