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Welcome to Woodpecker Class!

Welcome to Woodpecker Class! 1

We have had a wonderful first term! Our learning theme, Where in the World are we?, has been exciting so far. We have taken a flight and learnt about what Mrs Harding does in her job as a flight attendant! We are learning about the continents and oceans, and are also thinking about the United Kingdom. If you have anything at home that might be useful for our project, please bring it in!


Thank you to all at home for supporting children so far this year with their reading and learning in and out of school.


Our first term ended with a dance performance to Jays and Kingfishers. Our dance had elements from around the world. The children were very proud of themselves and they did brilliantly! We have recorded a video for you to see and are going to organise a showing very soon as the file is too large for the website! Here are some pictures from the performance...



Picture 1
Picture 2