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Blue Planet

We finally presented how a river system works to Year 3 & 4.

Do you know what to do in a flood?  Or what happens to the water that disappears down your toilet or sink?  
If not, read Maya's Flood report and Phoebe's Sewage Explanation.  (click links at bottom of page)

Wessex Water Trip

So, what types of paper are suitable to be flushed down the toilet?          
We carried out a fair test on toilet paper, kitchen roll and paper towel.     


Water Testing on two different water samples. 

One sample was taken  from a city river and the other from a countryside river.

Having a tour of the site enabled us to find out what happens to the water after we have the flushed the toilet and pulled the plug in our sink or bath.
We wrote poems to reflect on why water is such a powerful and universal symbol in life. (see below)

Soil Mountain
Wrapped up warm we headed outside to our man-made soil mountain to investigate how rivers form. We poured water onto our soil mountain and watched how the water travelled down it. We noticed the water tried to make as many paths as possible down the sides of the mountain and when the path is blocked it travels down a different way.

River Flow
We looked at how rocks effect the way rivers flow. We made a river by using a drain pipe and a hosepipe. We learnt that the water tries to get past the rocks through different ways. E.g. Going under and around the rocks. It also effects the speed of the water. Going down a river, when the water is going down fast it makes a frothy layer over the top of the water.

By Grace C & Grace M