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St Andrew's Primary School Growing Together


Miss N Dace

Dear Eagles,

Welcome to Week 7 - your final week!  I'm really looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday for our Leavers' celebrations when we will be back together.

  Well done for all of the fantastic home learning you have completed over the last few months.  As this is the last week before the holidays, we have suggested a range of activities that you could complete with your family.  The most important thing for this week is to have lots of fun!

Miss Dace :)

Home Learning Activities WB:13.07.20

Home learning week beginning 6th July

Home Learning Activities WB: 29.06.20

Home Learning for week beginning 22nd June
Home learning for week beginning 15th June

Highlights from Home Learning Week 8

Dear Eagles,


Woohoo - we made it!  A whole term and a bit of home learning - well done Eagles.

Here is a poem based upon your English learning - Doors - which was inspired by 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. 


Things I miss about Eagles Crew

As I open the classroom door I …


Feel the warmth of Eagles crew enveloping you like a gentle breeze

See the enjoyment light up everyone’s face

Watch the progress that has been made

Hear laughter as a joke is shared

Found this is what I really miss.


As I open the classroom door I …


Observe Elita writing a thoughtful post-it note

Hear Sophie cheerily wish a ‘Good Morning’ to me

Greet Maggie who responds with a grin

Hear Liv declare, ‘We can do this!’

Admire Anna’s concentration on the task at hand

See Hugh speedily completing his securing skills

Laugh with Lucy and her dramatics

Watch Emily as she explains what to do to a fellow crew member

See Ben’s smile as he speeds into the room

Get caught up in Shenay’s enthusiasm

Watch Tilly heading for the next challenge

Hear Noah’s fast fingers on TT Rockstars

Notice how kind Stacey is

Answer Alice’s important question

Admire Ruby’s creative art work

See Evie persevering and then solve a maths challenge

Watch Blake’s competitiveness in playing Uno

Hear Charlotte expressing her thoughtful ideas

Read Aimee’s impressive writing

See Krystal’s new love of reading

Hear Josh share his in-depth of knowledge

Listen and appreciate Amelia’s musical talent.


As I open the classroom door I …


Feel the warmth of Eagles crew enveloping you like a gentle breeze

See the enjoyment light up everyone’s faces

Watch the progress that has been made

Hear laughter as a joke is shared

Found this is what I really miss.


Miss Dace :)


Can you catch a coin from your elbow? Here's how ...

Still image for this video

Highlights from Home Learning Week 6 ...

A Poem for Eagles - Crew of 2020 🤗 🌈


This week is the week that SATs would have started,

The classroom set up and the tables parted,

The rules on the board, the display walls all covered,

Your workbooks away, out of sight in the cupboard,

Instead you are home, you’re doing your bit,

Protecting your families from getting sick,

It’s important right now, we’re in lockdown you see,

Being apart of world history,

You’ve all worked so hard, you should be so proud,

You’ve practised your SPAG and times tables out loud,

You’ve learnt algebra to the Nth degree,

And now the tests, they will no longer be,

Some may be sad that they can’t take the tests,

“Hip hip hooray,” I’ve no doubt said the rest,

Whilst the tests are on hold and you stay home this term,

Remember that tests can’t measure everything you learn,

And I don’t need SATs results to tell me,

How hard you have worked, it’s easy to see,

'Lockdown' Year 6, let me shout it out loud,

You’ve made all your teachers so very proud,

So please continue to learn, fill that brain up full,

And remember, we think you’re all wonderful! 💕


Miss Dace :)


Highlights from Home Learning Week 5 ...

Wondering how to do the 'frogs' maths problem? Well, here's Evie's video to help ..

Still image for this video

Highlights from home learning week 4 ...

Highlights from home learning week 3 ..

Aimee's maths

Still image for this video

Dear Eagles,


Here's what some of you have been up to in the past two weeks ...




                              By Liv                                                        By Sophie



                      By Tilly                                                             By Shenay


                                                                     By Evie




Well done to everyone who has played TT Rock Stars this week! 

Are you ready to compete?

The Battle of the Bands: Eagles versus Falcons starts Monday 30th March 09:00 through to Friday 3rd April 15:15.  Who will win?


And the results are in .... the winner is ....






Stay safe, take care and enjoy spending time with your family.


Miss Dace

Welcome to Eagle Crew!


Class photo - September 2019



Spring Term 4 Curriculum Overview

Bread Workshop

To launch our new project - What if changes couldn't be reversed? - Chartwells (the company who provide our school dinners) came in to lead a bread workshop.

British First Class Murder Mystery Meal

Our Year 6 Crew excelled themselves on Tuesday when they successfully organised their 'British First Class Murder Meal' to raise funds for their coach to camp.  They show-cased their learning, demonstrated superb team work and displayed amazing courage over the course of the day which resulted in an outstanding evening for all - well done! 


Trip to Shepton Mallet Prison - Monday 10th January


The Year 6 crew experienced what it would have been like to be a prisoner during the Victorian era.  


When would have been the worst time to be a criminal?


The Year 6 crew experienced what it was like to be part of a court case in our project launch when they took part in a mock trial based upon the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.  Everyone had an important part to play - from judge to barristers to jury to clerk to artist to usher to reporter to defendant to witnesses - and was acted exceptionally well.


End of project presentation - which age is best (Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age) and why?


Eagles used their new found knowledge and their persuasive English skills to try and encourage visitors that their age was better than the others.


The votes have been cast and counted and the results are in:


Stone Age - 8 votes

Bronze Age - 5 votes

Iron Age - 3 votes


Well done Eagles for an amazing presentation of learning!

Experience the Iron Age - 22nd November 2019

Changes to the Ages - What? When? Why?


We launched our first project by going back thousands of years when the land was one dark forest.  Its people were the hunter-gatherers.  They knew every tree and herb and they knew how to survive.  We spent the afternoon as a hunter-gatherer: identifying plants and signs of animals, making shelters and using fire to cook.


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