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Welcome to the class page of Falcon Class 2019-20.

Our teacher is Miss Ferris and our other adults are Miss Reynolds and Miss Lightfoot.

Attached at the bottom of this page are the slides from our Parent Meeting on Wednesday 25th September.

We hope you find these useful!




Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Spring Term Curriculum Overview

Spring Term Knowledge Organiser

Please find the knowledge organiser for our Spring Term project below smiley

Project Launch - Tuesday 7th January

On Tuesday 7th January, the Year 6 Crew embarked on their new project, “When would have been the worst time to be a criminal?” by holding a gripping debate; hearing testimony from varying witnesses hypothesising about the Wolf’s involvement in Grandma’s decease in the fictional tale of Little Red Riding Hood. This was a very engaging way to kick start our chronological journey as historians, looking at similarities and differences between the criminal justice systems of various eras and the British Justice System today. Everybody played a meaningful role and demonstrated excellent acting skills throughout!


Picture 1 Evidence from Little Red Riding Hood
Picture 2 Evidence from the Scenes of Crime Officers
Picture 3 Drawings by Court Artists

An Exciting Delivery - Friday 17th January

Upon arriving at school this morning, the Year 6 Crew discovered an exciting delivery of hoodies on their desks. They were worn with pride all day and I'm sure they will continue to be enjoyed throughout the academic year - a very colourful Friday!

Picture 1

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