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Hello Jays!


I hope you are all well and have had a good weekend.


This week's home learning has a more "fun" set of tasks - I hope you enjoy them!


Looking forward to seeing you later on in the week!


Take care!


Mr Wilson



Home learning for week beginning 13th July
Home learning for week beginning 6th July
Work for week beginning 29th June
Longer projects
Home Learning for week beginning 22nd June
Home Learning for week beginning 15th June
Work for week commencing 1st June
Work for week commencing 18 May
Work for week commencing  11 th May
Work for week commencing 4th May
Work for week commencing 27th April

Welcome to Term 5!  I hope you all a restful Easter Break.  I have attached a timetable for this week with suggested activities for each day.  

Now that you all have your own email addresses, please feel free to mail me if you have any problems or questions.  You might even want to share your work - it would be great to see it!  If any of you wish to try the TeacherBot activity, you could type it up on Word, then email me a copy!'s what you need for your learning this week. I will post next week's activities later on in the week.

Edit  - Mia has just sent me her design for her Teacher bot - what a super idea! I can't wait to read Mia's explanation text so I know how it all works!

Timetable for Week commencing 20th April

Previous weeks' activities:

Home Learning Timetable Week 2

Mr D Wilson

Home Learning Timetable

Securing Skills - Thursday and Friday

Writing task for the next week - Why did Hamza win the cup?

Discovering the Decades - How has technology changed our lives?


In our project this term, Jays will be learning about how life has changed through the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties...right up to the present day!


We will be looking at toys, music, TV and food and how and why it has changed over time. 

Please find below our "Knowledge Organiser" with some of the key information that the children will focus on during Terms 3 and 4.

Avon Fire and Rescue
 This week, Avon Fire and Rescue service came into visit Jays and Kingfishers.  The children learned about how they shouldn't play with fire and matches. They were able to suggest the different ways in which the fire and rescue service can help others.  We also found out how to do a "stop, drop and roll"  if our clothes caught fire!

What's "Great" about the Great Fire of London?


For the launch of our project, we had a visitor from the past! Jethro, a servant to Samuel Pepys, came to tell us about what life was like in 1666, the year of the Great Fire of London.  We learned about how the fire started, how it spread so quickly and how Samuel Pepys spoke to the King to let him know how serious it was.....

Sight Words for Spelling at home for Year 2