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Welcome to Kestrel Crew



We are in Year 4 and 5. Our teacher is Mrs Harris and our teaching assistants are Miss Sperring, Mrs Lake and Mrs Faulkner. We hope you enjoy sharing our learning.






Maths - Addition and Subtraction


Our current maths learning is all about addition and subtraction. Here are the steps we are moving through in our maths loops leading to our Kestrel Class quiz show at the end!




Ancient Achievements - Wow launch day : 23rd September 2020


We had a great day kicking off our learning about ancient civilisations. Lots of us dressed up as ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Incas. We researched facts about the different civilisations, designed masks, played ancients 'top trumps' and even drew our own pictures for a 'Standard of St Andrew's' after exploring the Sumerian artefact the Standard of Ur. We now have lots of questions ready for our learning ahead and had lots of fun!





Times Tables 


Times tables are SO important to maths, we have been working very hard on them this year and at the end of the year the Year 4 children in our crew will be taking the National Multiplication Tables check. TT Rockstars is a great way to practice tables and get more confident. Here are some other places to play and practice if you need them: A favourite! Great for a quick simple practice session Lots of activities here, some great fun games and also a specific practice for the national tables check. Again, many games to play here and another times tables check activity area.