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Mrs J Arney & Mrs Z Gartland

Easter Holidays laugh

Hello Kestrels.

Well done! You have finished Term 4 of your Kestrels Year and you can enjoy your Easter Holidays.

It's been an unusual end to the term but congratulations   on any home learning you have managed to do.  It`s   "different"  trying to work at home, isn`t it?  Lots of other things seem to get in the way but  any time you have spent writing, reading, calculating, experimenting or creating will have been time well spent.  Be proud of what you have done.  We have enjoyed  the photos which you have emailed to us. Keep them coming and we can share them (have a look  below).  We`ve also put some ideas for things to do in the holidays, however they are just ideas. Most importantly,  have a happy, safe  and family friendly time.

From Mrs Arney and Mrs Gartland

Home Learning weeks 1 and 2

Home Learning weeks 1 and 2 1 Jac and his science
Home Learning weeks 1 and 2 2 Beck`s Water Filter Experiment
Home Learning weeks 1 and 2 3 George`s water filter
Home Learning weeks 1 and 2 4 Maisie`s water filter

Things you might like to do in the holidays........wink

1. Try and set up your email account direct with us if you haven`t already managed to. The instructions came in the email to your parents.  Send us an email message ready for next term.

2. Keep enjoying reading - books, magazines, websites.... whatever you can get your hands on.

3. There were lots of lovely ideas for things to do in the  "Growing Together.....differently" Newsletter  (email) from Mrs Martin.  Choose something which appeals.

Mrs Arney recommends watching "The Wind in the Willows" Kenneth Grahame's well-loved collection of river bank tales turned into a family musical.   We know Euan recommends Maddy Moates Science and George and Maisie have worked with Carol Vorderman on The Maths Factor.

What ever you do enjoy and be fabulous!wink


Coronavirus Closure Week 1 and 2 

Keep on Learning!

Hello Kestrels

This is a possible timetable for the next 2 weeks. Feel free to follow it or decide for yourself which times of the day would be the best for you to complete these learning tasks.

Anything you need to record please write on the sheets in your pack or put in your new yellow “Keep on Learning Book” – just put the short date each time.

If you have any problems then you or your parents can email us (please send to both of us); our address is at the top of the page.

Stay well, safe and happy and we will post a new message soon. 

From Mrs Arney and Mrs Gartland

Welcome to Kestrels

We are Year 5.

Mrs Arney teaches us on Mondays and Tuesdays and Mrs Gartland teaches us on Wednesdays ,Thursdays and Fridays.

We have Mr Neate for PE twice a week

and we are all helped out by Mrs Lake and Miss Weaver.

Kestrel`s Crew start the year.

Kestrel`s Crew start the year. 1

Kestrels presentation to parents - September 2019


Autumn Term Project

Our Autumn Term project is called "Changes to the Ages - When? What? Why?" and looks something like this.......

We launched our project during a beautiful Forest School Afternoon. The sun shone after heavy rain and we imagined how glad the hunter - gatherers of Stone Age Somerset would have been. We built shelters in the woods and  lit a fire and toasted apples. We went on a hunt for food and prey and looked out for our enemies. We even chased a woolly mammoth!

Cheddar Caves


We continued learning about the Stone Age and visited Cheddar Gorge and Caves.

Picture 1

Iron Age Day


We dressed as Iron Age dwellers  and learnt so much about this time in our past.

Spring Term Project


Our project this spring is

"How Marvellous were the Maya?"

You can find out more about what we are doing in the term overview and knowledge organiser below.

Our second project this Spring is called

"What if Changes couldn't be Reversed?"

We will be working as scientists to investigate materials.

Have a look at our Overview Grid and Knowledge Organiser to find out more about what we will be up to.