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Welcome to Kingfisher!

Welcome to our new webpage - this term we are learning all about the wonderful world of wheels! Take a look below at some of things we looked at, at the garage.
We had good fun on the day we all brought our bikes and scooters. In class we collected data: Bikes and scooters. We asked our friends whether they had brought a bike or scooter and made a tally chart. We then put this information onto a graph. Next we did this ourselves by asking our friends what colour their bike is. The most popular colour was pink. We can guess which children have a pink bike! The boys had a variety of bright colours too. 
Mrs Greenwood has had her bike for a very long time and it is purple. Her favourite colour.

Slumber evening.......
WOW What a fantastic evening we had on Wednesday. It was lovely to see so many of you there in your cosy pyjamas. I hope that you enjoyed listening to the bedtime stories and drinking the delicious hot chocolate. I was very impressed with how many families came back to school and especially those parents who wore their pyjamas too!!!  I bet you will not often go out dressed like that in the snow. Here are just a couple of photographs. More will go on the main web site. 

This week we  have enjoyed listening to different versions of Cinderella. Even some from different countries. Have you got a Cinderella story at home that you can bring in next week. Happy reading. Remember to read to an adult every night. Good readers make good writers and your writing at the moment is really improving. Fantastic

22nd february

Forest School - What a cold but exciting day!

We started our session with a check in. We were all looking forward to our new forest school sessions.
First we played a game of Popcorn. This warmed us all up. Next we put a blindfold on our partner and led them to a tree. We used our senses to guess which tree we were led to. We had to trust our partners. Then we did some bark rubbing to compare the different textures of tree bark. After that we had some delicious hot chocolate. Back in school we reflected on the session.Everyone said that they had really enjoyed it especially being blindfolded and drinking the hot chocolate. 

Here are a few pictures. You will be able to see more in school.

Click onto the link below.    More to follow. It will be on Tuesday next week.