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St Andrew's Primary School Growing Together


Miss K Foreman

Welcome to Kingfisher Crew's class page!


We are a Year 1 class.

Miss Foreman is our teacher and Mrs Rees is our LSA. 

We have PE on a Tuesday and Friday with Mr Armitage. 



Kingfisher's Discovery!


On Wednesday morning, Kingfisher crew received a phone call from Mrs Martin asking us to investigate reports of something strange in the playground. We went out to investigate and discovered a rocket had crash landed in a tree! Kingfisher's looked for clues as to what had happened and found lots of evidence of the debris across the playground. We have lots of questions but we are confident we can find out what has happened!

The Nativity

Our A-Z of St Andrew's


We created our own A-Z of St Andrew's as our final product in our project 'What's Around Us?' We took inspiration from the book 'The Lost Words' by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. The children produced such wonderful work!

The Three Little Hedehogs Text Maps

The children have really enjoyed learning about addition this week!

Armistice Day - Lest We Forget

Linked to our project 'What's Around Us?', Kingfisher Crew made wonderful clay hedgehogs.

To launch our project, we went on an adventure around the school grounds...

Term 1 & 2 Project - What's Around Us?