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Kite Crew are a mixed Year 3 and Year 4 class, their teacher is Mrs Hales.
Miss Sperring, Mrs Lake, Mrs Weaver and Ms Ilieva also support our learning.

Last Updated 13 July 2020

The holidays are coming!

We've been apart but together all the way and we made it!



I am SO excited and looking forward to seeing you on Friday! laugh


Mrs Hales

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are nearly out of the woods and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed teaching your children this year, despite the sad interruption. 
Thank you for helping me to help you support your children in these very weird times!

All the very best 

Mrs Hales





Kirsty has built a pyramid!
Inside the pyramid
Inside the sarcophagus
Hay Bale Yoga!
Beautiful stick weaving by Chloe
Meg's mysterious cat, Bellatrix.
Well done, Chloe, it floats!
Mati's underwater scene.
Mati's underwater scene.
Josh and Mati getting creative.
Kirsty designed a zoo!
Meg made a bike ramp!
Paddleboarding with Maddie
Happy Birthday, Charlie!
Happy Birthday, Charlie!
Maddie's Birthday Outing
Edward's new kitten 'Wispa'
Lorna paints the shed!
Jake's amazing trampoline ball pit!
Chloe paints a pebble Pikachu
Charles learns to ride his bike
Happy and Proud!
Mr and Mrs Hales ride new bikes
Hugh and Mummy enjoying Joe Wicks!
Rainbow Kebabs by Tommy
Charlie is our very own action man
Ivy has a new bike!
Happy Birthday Kirsty
Story cubes at dinnertime!
Ava has 2 dogs: Rolo and Reggie
Ava's Cute Dog
Ivy is having a sunflower growing competition
Tommy's circular jigsaw
Ivy's cat 'Rocket - the frog catcher'
Edward's patriotic cake
Jake's VE Day celebrations
Max is getting ready for VE DAY!
Charlie made flapjack
Jake and Mango
Charles has been gardening.
Chloe wins Pooh Sticks!
Modelling by Tommy
Bailey as Tarzan
Action Shot Charlie
Tananya cooks dinner!
Jake is studious
Happy Edward
Mati enjoys Friday dress-up!
Scrumptious biscuits baked by Charles
Charlie with Eric
Finley found a swan nest!
Tananya has been tie dying
That's wizard, Tommy!
Mr & Mrs Hales play boardgames
Sleep at the end of your garden for a change!
George and his new friend Doris
George has been hunting mini-bugs
Mrs Hales has been playing with her food
Tommy the Scout
Record Breaking!
Sam's wizarding potions
Lorna's delicious sausage rolls
The incredible, exploding volcano! by Edward
James has been making lava lamps!
Bailey's been building rockets!
Get the paints out like Mrs Hales
Oli has been planting!
Mrs Hales has been baking
Meg's pet octopus 'OCHO'
Chloe made 'Bloopy' from her old tights!
Joe Bryan of Fulham by Finley
Meg has designed and printed her own t-shirt!
Harry's boat, will if float?
Kirsty threw an egg out of the window unbroken!
Baker by name and baker by nature!
Tommy built a safe no-one can crack!
Kirsty made a book that's good enough to eat!
Lego House by Ava
New easel = amazing painting by GeorgeB
Catnap, by Lorna

Here is the new timetable for all KS2 children who are learning from home.
Follow the timetable or decide for yourself which days and times suit your learning.
Try your best to do some reading, writing and maths every week (every day if you can).

Remember mistakes are marvellous!
Your best is always enough
and when we struggle with work, we learn the most!



PDFs for Home Learning 
Previous PDFs are still available at the bottom of our class page.

Home learning for week beginning 13th July


Longer, meatier projects to inspire your imagination...



I think the book is about a cow that goes to the country and eats apples and pancakes. Because it says country pancake and has an apple with a cow going to eat it. By Edward


I have seen the new book on the website and it looks good. I have seen the front cover and I think a cow has an apple and some people take it and make it into pancake and they all argue. By Gracie

I think that the cow might be called Pancake or maybe it might have a poo and this might be something to do with the title of the book because Mummy says that a cow pat can sometimes be called a pancake? I’m not sure. I think the apple might be what the cow likes to eat, so the cow lives on a farm with apple trees. By George B


I think it will be about a cow and a really delicious pancake and he wants to eat it.
By Jamie


I think the story is going to be about a clever cow that goes into the country and makes an apple pancake. He watches TV then he sees a bake off. After that he goes to the bake off and competes against other people... By Finley


I think that it is going to be set in the country because is it called ‘The Country pancake”. I also think that the cow on the front is going to eat the pancake and it is also might be an apple pancake. By Lorna


I think this book will be about a cow who peels an apple and then uses the apple skin to make a pancake for the whole country! By Chloe


I predict the book is going to be about a cow who is famous and he lives on a farm. His name could be Pancake. I think this because there is a cow on the front cover of the book so that might mean there is a cow in the story. By Meg


I think it is going to be about a big bit of cow pat because they look like pancakes.
I also think there’s going to be a house and they prank each other like the Twits.
The man gives a bit of cow pat to the lady who thinks it’s a pancake.
By Tommy


I think the book is about a cow who likes to eat lots of food. I think the book will be on a popular country farm where people can visit and the cow will be the main character. I think this because the cow on the cover looks hungry for more food and is looking down at the apple. By Charlie


My prediction is a cow makes milk and makes it into a pancake then puts some apples on the pancake. It will be set in countryside maybe on a farm because in the title it said ‘country’. From Jake


Maybe the cow is called pancake and lives in the country. Possibly the cow eats apples (and likes them peeled). Maybe the cow makes pancakes. The cow lives on a farm which might make all the ingredients for pancakes and cows produce milk. It might be the story of the cow's life. By Ivy

The Country Pancake

Chapter 1 (Part 1)

In which we are introduced to Lancelot,
Miss Mirabelle and Flossie the Cow

Password: Apple


Chapter 1 (Part 2)

Password: Dragon


Chapter 2 (Part 1)

In which Miss Mirabelle tells a Giant Whopper!

Password: Squelch


Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Password: Cowpat


Chapter 3

In which the terrible, terrible secret
hangs heavily over all!

Password: Idea


Chapter 4

In which Mrs Spicer sees A great improvement
all round and is delighted!

Password: Report

Chapter 4 (Part 2)

Password: Lollysticks


Chapter 5

In which Lance's Granny is 

Totally Disgusted

Password: Cud


Chapter 5 (Part 2)

Password: Raffle


Chapter 6

In which We All Watch Dear Flossie

Save the Day

Password: Shovel


Chapter 6 (Part 2)

Password: Pancake



Meadow Paintings


'The Vision'

By Mati
By Chloe
By Finley
By GeorgeB
By Lorna
By Maddie
By Philippe Dupasquier
By Meg
By Edward


This term we are learning how to paint
a 'Still Life' from observation like Paul Cezanne.


Next we learned to shade using light and shadow

We experimented with different compositions...

Watch these video to find out more...
Paul Cezanne: The Life of an Artist

Can't think what to do next?

Try one of these fun, practical activities...




If you register on the website below, you can access free eBooks online
to support reading at home. You can even filter the books by book band!


If you have read a book and really enjoyed it, tell me about it or send me a completed
book review and I can add a poster below to share with Kite Crew...

Recommended by Kirsty (but see letter)
Go Kirsty!
By Chloe
By Lorna




Hover your cursor over the image to read the caption.

'Little Boat' lovingly made by Eddie ❤️
'Little Boat' lovingly made by Meg ❤️

Beautifully 'Polished' Writing

I'm sorry I can't make these bigger so that you can read them!

By Chloe
By Edward
By GeorgeB
By Tommy

Postcards From Little Boat's Adventures

From Charlie
By Maddie
From Jake
From Rhys
From Chloe
From Edward
From Meg
By Charles
By Maddie

Polished Personification Poems

We have also been learning about Andy Goldsworthy.
You found out that he is a sculpture artist who uses
nature for inspiration and resource.

Watch these video to find out more...
Rivers And Tides by Andy Goldsworthy

Autumn Works by Andy Goldsworthy




To listen to Mrs Hales reading follow the links


Chapter 1, 'Saddlebottom Arrives'


Password: Kites


Chapter 2, 'Advice from a Rat'

Password: Rats


Chapter 3, 'Down in the Wood'

(Part 1)

Password: Escape

(Part 2)

Password: Bendingo


Chapter 4, 'Dark Days Ahead'

Password: Winter


Chapter 5, 'Landing in a Hole'

Password: Bullseye


Chapter 6, 'Eat or Be Eaten'

Password: Bacon


Chapter 7, 'Badge on the Behind'

Password: Lance


Chapter 8, 'Oh What A Sound!'

Password: Thump


Chapter 9, 'Tape-recorder Trial'

Password: About Turn


Chapter 10, 'Triumph on the Square'

Password: Mascot


Chapter 11, 'Off to the Show'

Password: Disgrace

Chapter 12, 'Mascot and Majesty'

Password: Wurzels



Password: Saddleback 


Your Reviews!

Band Mascot

By Charlie
By Chloe
By Edward
By Ivy
By Jamie
By Lorna
By Maddie

"It's a long way to kill a piggy"


By Sam
By Charlie
By Chloe
By George B
By George B
By Kirsty
By Lorna
By Maddie
By Tommy

Bendingo Bung-Eye

By Meg
By Sam
By Ivy
By Charlie
By Meg
By Lorna
By Chloe
By Maddie
By Ava
Illustration by Alice Englander
By Edward
By Eddie
By Tommy

The Wessex Saddleback Pig Pen!

By Sam
By Tommy
By Meg
By Chloe
By Maddie
By Tananya
By Finley
By Charlie
By Kirsty
By Ava

Amazing Escape Plans!

By Sam
By Jake
By Rhys
By George B
By Chloe
By Eddie
By Meg
By Edward


By Bailey
Design by Meg
By Sam
Home Learning for week beginning 15th June
Term 6 Week 4 - beginning 22 June 2020
Term 6 Week 5 - beginning 29 June 2020
Home Learning week beginning 6th July