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New Catering Contract

Dear Parents,


School Catering Contract 


Please note that, following a tender process at the end of the fixed contract period, our catering contract will be undertaken by a new provider. Aspens will be taking over the school meal provision from the beginning of Term 5. 


Aspens are a very well established company working locally and nationally, who provided meals to St Andrew's children in a previous successful contract. We are delighted to be returning to Aspens after the Easter holidays. If you would like to find out more information about Aspens please see their website:


We are just finalising details so the nutritious menus will be circulated to parents shortly. For any children who have dietary requirements please rest assured that the provision of appropriate, tasty food to your children will continue and we will be approaching you shortly with forms to complete to ensure smooth transition. Previous medical evidence will remain acceptable.


The price for a meal was due to increase at the end of this contract and has also been impacted in light of recent global events. Therefore, the meal will be £2.30 per pupil per day from the start of Term 5.


Our kitchen team is remaining the same so our great awareness of children and their likes/dislikes will continue as normal. Combining Aspens fresh ingredients, meal ideas and support and experience with the talented kitchen team providing the meals, we are really excited about the meal provision.


We will send menus and further information, as required, out shortly.


Best wishes,


Fran Martin