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Welcome to Owls Crew!

What is pollination?


For the last couple of weeks we have been looking at the life cycle of a flowering plant.  Owls Crew are really good at knowing what germination is, but pollination is a trickier we decided to act out the process of pollination.


We used cheesy puff balls as the pollen!  Our hands were the bees landing on the flower......then we moved around to a different flower.....and the pollen had transferred to another flower!

From Field to Fork - Where does our food come from?

This week, we launched our new project - From Field to fork - Where does our food come from?  


We planted some bean seads, which Shanice brought in, and also carrot seeds.  We found out the functions of roots, leaves and stems.





Raise the Roof!


For the last few weeks, Owls have been busy practising singing songs that all have the same theme - they are all about music, rhythm and sounds.


Some songs are about listening to sounds ("We're detectives") and some are about particular notes, like the pentatonic scale ("Just five notes"). Our favourite song is "Thank you for the music".


Some of our crew dressed up for the day -  I really liked the "Musical notes" t shirts and the detective costumes!