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St Andrew's Primary School Growing Together

Tapestry of Delights

To celebrate the end of our project we shared our 3D model shopping precincts, along with our persuasive TV and radio adverts, with Falcons.

(Click the links at the bottom of the page to hear our radio adverts)

By layering tissue paper, we captured our ideas of the physical and human features of Congresbury.

Yatton Fieldwork - Tuesday 12th November
We set off in our wellies to walk along the Strawberry Line to Yatton.  We asked Yatton shopkeepers about their products and local residents about their shopping habits.

Congresbury Fieldwork - Wednesday 9th October

After learning about renewable energy sources, human (man-made) and physical (natural) geographical features and land use we devised questionnaires to ask local shop keepers and members of the public.  We set off on a walk around Congresbury to carry out our fieldwork.

Asking our shop questionnaire (see link below) to local businesses.


We sketched a view that included different land uses.


Project Launch

To begin our project we started with challenge to research and present information about a particular country.
It involved writing a review of a traditional food, using the Internet and working effectively as a team.


Issy P