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Term 5 weeks 1 and 2

Possible timetables



Handwriting sheet and Book recommendation

English week 1 and 2



Morning maths week 1 and 2

MATHS Money Term 5 Week 2

You could also try these money games online:


MATHS MONEY Term 5 Week 1 This week we will be revising how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100, and calculating and converting money.


Other subjects

Science- fossils week 1


Art- still life drawing

Religions and Worldviews 



This term we will be finding out about the beliefs and practices of Jewish believers. Watch some of the clips below, explore some information and complete some of the activities.


EXPLORE SOME OF THE ACTIVITIES FROM THE JEWISH MUSEUM:,object,resource&_sft_jm_asset_keystage=early-years,key-stage-1,key-stage-2&_sft_jm_asset_curriculum=judaism





Let's improve our confidence with maps and grow our knowledge of the continent of EUROPE using the interactive map games here:


Choose a European country of your choice and produce a poster, factfile, leaflet or powerpoint about it. Think about the GEOGRAPHY features we might explore eg. population, physical features (ie rivers, mountains, lakes, coasts), capital cities and towns etc




NEW  Let's grow our Roman knowledge and history skills a little more using the Caerleon website!


Roman School: 

Download the ibook for Ipad or Apple mac here 

OR use the pdf book at this website:


Complete some of these activities:

  • Write out a times tables in roman numerals
  • Write a diary entry from the point of view of a Roman school pupil
  • Find as many words from the English language, using the latin roots in the information table. 





  • In your packs was a log on to use Charanga Yumu:

  • Have a look around. Can you listen to some of the music? Sing a song? Create your own piece?
  • I have attached some options for you to work through if you are unsure where to start: There are 3 packages 1- looks at the Beatles called Blackbird.

                                            2- Charanga music world

                                            3- Songs for 7 to 9

        There is also 1 assignment- 3 little birds (as it is a favourite school song).

You don't need to do all the units or in the order they are display- some parts may require you to play an instrument. If you don't have one maybe you can clap or sing instead. 

A few more ideas....


Write a letter to someone who might be a bit lonely or need cheering up at this time. Tell them what you've been doing at home,  write them a poem, draw them a picture or a positive quote. Share some kindness! 



Love to sing? Join the #GreatBritishHomeChorus and join the nation in song!