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St Andrew's Primary School Growing Together

Term 6 week 1




See daily lessons for Year 4 in BBC Bitesize home learning

MONDAY Spelling

TUESDAY Brackets

WEDNESDAY Apostrophes

THURSDAY Apostrophes 

FRIDAY Reading/Inference 




See Year 4 Unit of Work on Measures and Money - Oak National Academy

MONDAY Choosing measures 

TUESDAY Converting mm and cm 

WEDNESDAY Converting cm and m 

THURSDAY Capacity & Mass

FRIDAY Solving mesures problems 


Other subjects


See bitesize for this week - weather and climate

Extra challenge - can you keep a weather diary this week? Record the temperature, weather conditions, perhaps take a photo each day?



PSHE - Can you print or draw your own mood tracker and take note of how you're feeling this week?



See bitesize lesson for this week - Food Chains 

Extra challenge - can you design your own food chain for your favourite habitat and animals?