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St Andrew's Primary School Growing Together




St Andrew’s has adopted a whole school approach called ‘Thrive’.  Thrive supports all of our pupils with their emotional health, well-being and social skills; all of which form a solid foundation for learning to take place. 


Thrive is based on up-to-date brain science and research into child development and this knowledge supports all staff in school to adapt their approach to individual children to build self-esteem, well-being and positive behaviour. 


At the heart of the approach lies the undertanding that children’s behaviour represents a form of communication.  If we can recognise and meet those needs then children are able to flourish and learn.



The Thrive process begins with a whole class screening, where teachers answer a series of questions about each child in the class.  This screening identifies any children who would benefit from a more detailed assessment, which in turn suggests ideas, fun activities and strategies to support the individual child using a comprehenesive 1:1 programme.  The activities may include: sand play, cookery, painting, model making, exploring difficult situations through role play and comic strips, playing strategy games or projects focusing on the child’s own interest.


We have two fully trainined Thrive Practitioners (Julie Mayo and Jan Riddiford) who deliver the approach across our school.  However, all staff have rececived training to support the delivery of the Thrive programme. We are incredibly fortunate to have a large room that we call the Thrive room which has a vast amount of resources within it to support with our thrive-based activities.



For us, this means that we have Thrive embedded within our whole school ethos. We passionately belive in and deliver a creative curriculum which builds childrens’ social and emotional resilience.


We have been awarded with the title “We’ve embraced Thrive in our setting”. This is because we demonstrate our on-going practice of the Thrive Approach through:


  1. active use of Thrive-Online, as the basis for emotional and social developmental screening, assessment and action planning
  2. at least one member of staff is trained to the level of Thrive Licensed Practitioner and  are available within the school on a day to day basis, to work with, and support, children with emotional and social developmental needs 
  3. ensure all of our staff always work with the Thrive Approach in mind


We are currently working towards becoming a Thrive school of Excellence. This means we would be recognised as a  school showing exemplary Thrive® practice, an inspirational space where staff go above and beyond to make a positive impact on students and the wider community and met the criteria to use the ‘We have embraced Thrive in our setting’ logo.


In March 2021, we have been  named as an Ambassador School with Excellence in Reparative after going through a rigorous assessment process with Thrive®, which trains teachers and other education professionals to support the emotional and social development of all children. The Reparative award recognises schools that have excelled in helping children who have gaps in their social and emotional development and have successfully met their needs.


For more information about Thrive, the on-line Parent Took Kit or Family Thrive sessions, please ask one of the School Thrive Practitioners or visit