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We are thrilled to share the report of the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) which was carried out on 13 January 2023. This is sometimes known as a church school inspection, which all schools with a religious character must receive, in addition to Ofsted.

Overall, we have been judged as an ‘EXCELLENT’ church school, maintaining the highest grading awarded for the second time, despite the criteria for doing so becoming far more challenging.  This is a fantastic achievement and shows the effort and commitment of everyone involved in the life of our school.

Below are some extracts of the full report.  The full report can be accessed below.

The Christian vision is known by everyone and being part of this school community changes lives.

Meaningful relationships and partnerships enable all within the school to flourish.

Driven by their Christian vision to grow together, the school is highly inclusive. All are welcome here.

Pupils are confident that staff will always be there for them and staff say that ‘everyone is made welcome and loved here.’

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools : At St Andrew's, we are constantly working towards the standards of practice suggested and assessed by a process of inspection of Church schools called SIAMS.  We use a process of self-evaluation to continuously improve our practice and ensure high standards within our Christian ethos and vision. 

There are currently seven aspects to our work within the SIAMS framework:

1. Vision and leadership

2. Wisdom, knowledge and skills

3. Character Development; hope, aspiration and courageous advocacy

4. Community and living well together

5. Dignity and respect

6. Impact of collective worship

7. Effectiveness of religious education

St Andrew's School was last assessed under SIAMS in 2016 and received the outcome of being an 'Outstanding' church school.